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Recent News

Oil and Gas News

“The Bazhenov” is a Siberian oil shale play that may be much bigger than the Bakken

Exxon deems Poland’s shale uneconomic, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Marathon still exploring

Blackbrush OIl & Gas is using a water-less fracking technique in the Eagle Ford

Chesapeake agrees to release certain New York mineral owners from leases

Anadarko is constructing a natural gas liquids processing plant in the Eagle Ford; plans to ramp up production in the play this year

ZaZa Energy is looking for a JV partner in the Eagle Ford

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposes to limit fracking to several counties along the Pennsylvania border

Alternative Energy News

Vestas sells factory to Chinese company Titan Wind Energy

EPA allows gasoline containing 15% ethanol

Massachusetts businesses are taking advantage of solar subsidies

Purdue University believes it has created a biofuels production technique that can compete with $100 oil

Benefits of biofuels overblown?


Renewable Energy News Update


Solar plane completes 19-hour flight from Madrid to Rabat (Morocco)

Morocco seeks to curb oil imports, wants 2,000 MW from solar energy by 2020 

Is solar getting cheaper? Yes, says Nanosolar who is pioneering a cheaper design by printing solar cells on aluminum foil

Affordable solar builds panels at Albuquerque Airport

LDK Solar signs agreement to build three 200 MW projects in China

Nuclear weary Japan attracting solar companies with Feed-in-Tariff 


Romney opposes tax breaks for wind farms

Wind production tax credit set to expire on December 31, 2012


Is Obama touted E-15 (15% ethanol) safe for car engines?

H2Bioil is close to being economic with respect to oil

Recent News

Here’s a few articles that hit the wires over the past week or so that I found interesting:

E&P News:

29-year Life-span for North Dakota Bakken Wells

Strongbow Resources is Testing the Alberta Bakken and Viking Formations

IEA Looks to Curb Environmental Impact of Shale Gas Production

Synergy Reports Strong Production Results From Wells in Denver-Julesburg (D-J) Basin

Bakken Crude Discount Widens to $7.50 amid Temporary Refinery Shutdown

Crude Drops Below $85 Amid Demand Concerns

New York Drill Ban Lease Controversy

Biofuels News:

Washington Continues to Subsidize Ethanol, Midwest Continues to Build Plants

“Drop-in” Biofuels Provide Common Sense Alternative to Ethanol

ACS Biofuels Podcasts